Angel & Theo

W e ' r e   o f f   t o   a n   a d v e n t u r e

Sealing the deal

03 NOVEMBER 2018

The groom

Theo was born hairy and thin, is still hairy, and will get married hairy and hopefully, thinner than now.


The Bride

Angel was born cute, is still cute, will get married cute. Angel is adopted and is an only child. She was raised in a Christian home. She went to a Christian school and a Christian church… Pretty boring stuff. She loves watching anime, Korean dramas, American TV series, listening to all kinds of music, and reading books.


A wizard is never late. Nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.

Concerning Theo and Angel

How we met each other

Early 2000s

Theo was part of Holy Grounds (a very awesome band for it was neither holy nor ground), one of the 3 worship bands of the youth, as the lead bassist. With Angel’s mentor Ate Andrea leaving for the UK, her Bible study decided to join the worship band in hopes of maintaining their regular meetups. Angel signed up to be a keyboardist and Theo was assigned to be her band’s mentor. They instantly became friends because of their love for anime. They got closer in college because they both went to the same university, the land of Padre Damasos, UST. Sometimes, Angel would hitch with him to go to GCF for band practice. They would also meet in Frontline, GCF’s campus ministry. They got closer in 2011 when they both helped out for GCF's Missions Month. Angel also asked Theo to help out with OMF stuff. Then stuff happened. LOL

How we decided to get married

Theo was lassoed. So he says. But! In reality, when they started to like each other, Angel said, “If you are not called to Japan, this ain’t happening.” And Theo said, “God, I think I’m called to Japan.” Just kidding! With intense prayer and fasting, God opened Theo’s heart to love the Japanese just like Angel did, and still does! So it came to pass, legend became myth, myth became legend. No, they got engaged on his thirty-first birthday! Because it was the only way that he could surprise the very observant and keen Angel who had no idea about what was happening. Well, until her parents showed up with the whole village. Then her mom stating the fact that they were there for Theo. Nevertheless, Theo still managed to make Angel cry a boatload of tears so she looked sooo kawawa in all her engagement photos.

How We Envision The Future

Theo and Angel plan to become a model and actor respectively. Then become filthy rich. No. Yes. It's a nice dream that could happen. But the priority is to become missionaries in Japan and share God's love with the Japanese. Please continue to pray with and for them as they follow God's leading.

Gandalf, my old friend.
This will be a night to remember. -Bilbo Baggins

A long-expected party

  • Blue Gardens Wedding & Events Venue
  • Nov 03 2018, 5PM

Smoke rises from the mountain of Doom...

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We need people of intelligence
in this sort of... mission... quest... thing.

Timothy M. Espinosa

Brader or timo is the best brother ever. he is sweet despite his massive figure which makes him look like a bully. he is a nice to you when you're nice to him. he can also be your pillow when you need one. I think I met him when I was in my mom's tummy

Zark Binag

Zark, one of my best friends as well. He is my favorite randomest friend ever. He is loyal and funny and is passionate on his desires. he invited me to his bible study group and i thank him for that!

Jourdan Lee

he is one of the few people who was there for me during my lowest points about 7 years ago. he is an amazing friend and very OC with numbers. he loves to sing and spend for expensive stuff. he is the only guy I know into kdrama..yey, may kasama na ako.

Gabriella Castro

Bags as I fondly call her is my little sister but she acts like a lola. She has to be the most OC person I know (and I know a lot. Y’all know who you are.) We grew up in the same subdivision so we were always together either at her house or mine. That hasn’t changed!

Victoria C. Chua

Ate Cors is really like my big sister. She helps me with lots of practical things. She’s also the taga-hatak anywhere. But the best lesson she’s ever taught me was how to stalk boys. ;)

Dale Amigo

I have known Dale since 1st grade. She was always crying then because of allergies. And she was allergic to chocolates. She’s my best friend who accepts me for who I am (Dory, as calls me). We used to exchange books. One of which was LOTR!

Phoebe Guerra

Pepay is my girl best friend. i met her during the Next Steps retreat in Baguio and we became like brothers and sisters after that. she is passionate with what she does and is loyal to her friends. She loves God and others. Angel and I enjoy spending our time with her.

Blesscille Guerra

Bless is one of my closest friends. i admire her love for justice and for her love for the Lord. i always come to her if i need an ille...i mean legal advice regarding situations in life. we became close in OMF Baguio when we participated in the Next Steps seminar. There I learned about her desire to serve God and others.

Sol Ituriaga

Ate Sol is one of my favorite people in the world. She would counsel me duringnmy seminary days and she would make sure that I would feel valued by the end of the day. She is fun to be with especially during eating tines cause she knows the good places to eat.

Blythe Dizon

Blythe is also one of my best friends. he is also my first disciple in our church. he is passionate when it comes to music and friendship. he is funny and one of the most awesome people ever.

Mark del Rosario

Mark is one of my best friends. he is an awesome pastor, father and friend. He loves DC (booo) and i love Marvel, but nevertheless, we get along so well. i love spending time with him because we get to talk about everything and insert theology in it. He is truly an amazing friend!

Matthew del Rosario

Matt is of one of the chillest guys I know. Matt is loyal and loving and will really follow up on you when you are walking along side with him. we became closer when he became my guinea pig for my counseling sessions.

Miguel Orleans

every youth camp, when I was still a camper, I noticed that Migs was always my roommate. thus began the friendship. I enjoy spending time with him for he knows how to make you laugh and makes you forget about the world. a truly awesome person. a good friend and a loyal friend.

Timothy Sosmeña

Rasputin, aka, Tims is the embodiment of music for me. we grew up together during children's camp, and that was almost 19 years ago. i used to put medicine on his eye cause he sometimes forgets. i can safely say that i can be myself when i am around him. His love for music amazes m and he is also my source for animé.

Yusuke JJ Matsumura

JJ-san is one of the most awesome people i have met. when i first met him, we totally clicked! i enjoyed spending time with him when i was in Japan, and he is like a brother to me as well. he is funny and a gamer if i may add. we plan to write a book someday. I am so excited for the crazy adventures with him in the future!

Regina Tan

Nesan (Ate in Japanese) is just plain crazy. We met in 4th grade and my life has never been the same. Everything I love was introduced by her. I’ve been with her at her best and worst times. My most memorable memory with her – FOOD FIGHT WITH CAKE.

Isaac de Leon

Mr. De Leon. The reason I don’t have a lot of girl friends. HAHA We were inseparable when we started serving in ministry together and even when he studied law and I was in med school. I just realized he was the guy I talked to the longest on the phone way back when telebabad was still a thing.

Cha Malangis

Cha is my next oldest friend after Dale. How we started? I was on the way to school and I saw a lady with the same uniform as mine in 1st grade. I asked my driver to stop and let her hitch with me, together with his kuya. We’ve been best friends since then. Her mom did all my uniforms. We also served in the youth worship team together. We had a band called Mamalujo along with Saki.

Arvin Uy

Arvin is my go to guy for anything!!! I am so comfortable with him. We met in 5th grade when he lent me glue because Dale and I fought. We’ve been best friends since. I got closer to him when we became classmates in med school. He kept me sane. I think he was the guy in the barkada I was supposed to marry if I wasn’t married by 40.

Oliver Pagulayan

Kuya Sam to me, even if I'm older. He has been a constant listener. He knows when you're ranting or you want advice. Loyal friend.

Cherlyn Oh

Cherlyn! One of a kind. We met in Singapore and became fast friends! We were the youngest of the bunch so we would always have fun together. She introduced me to a whole lot of new things in Singapore. We’d probably live like hobos if we roomed together.

Alyssa Ang

Alyssa! We were in the youth together. But we got close when she hitched with me going to Tagaytay for a retreat. Then she got involved with Wetfoot and we went to Thailand together. Now we serve together in GCF and work under the same department.

Anna Martinez

Achita because we're feeling Chinese. Our birthdays are so close that we've celebrated them together while growing up. She was my constant playmate.

Jefferson Tan

Jeffy Bear became famous when he got a college girl as his promdate. You're welcome! This guy is who I can call to pick me up when I'm drunk in the middle of the night. That's never happened but he would!

Dan and Aileen Cura

Theo: I have known the Curas since I was a kid. They love to sing– epic! They faithfully mentored me in my seminary years. They are funny and awesome!
Angel: I love seeing Tita Aileen react every time she sees Theo: always so bright and happy. Tito Dan was critical in helping me work for FEBC Singapore. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t have discovered my love of being a voice over artist and possibly using this ministry in Japan.

Gelo and Nikki Tuanqui

Theo:P. Gelo and ate Nikki are always there for us. i love their stories and i love how they love each other. they are fun to be with especially when it's sabbath. They are crazy and loving at the same time. I wish to be like her, the definition of a godly wife.
Angel: P. Gelo is like my crazy kuya. I admire how he has answered God's calling for his life even if things don't look like they're in his favour. He is the definition of a pastor. Ate Nikki is someone I admire for backing up P. Gelo in all his endeavours.

Tani and Vicki Holgado

Theo: The Holgados are like parents to us. I saw how much God loves His people through their ministries and their love for their neighbors. They are fun to be with and a very prayerful couple.
Angel: I was introduced to the Holgados when I went on a short term trip with them in Thailand. I knew their kids but they were like parents to us ever since 2015.

Bj and Bebet Sebastian

Theo: No words can describe how much the Sebastians have mentored and honed me into the missionary God wants me to be. they have been a source of inspiration and aspirations.
Angel:They are role models that I look up to. The Sebastian couple have been role models for me. Especially since they have 2 adopted kids, I look up to how they bring up their kids being one myself.

Mark and Michelle Macatangay

Theo: I have known P. Mark and Ate Mean when they were still ministering with us in GCF. i think i have not seen P.Mark without a gum. I enjoyed my time with them when we were on a cruise. it is so amazing how God moves in their lives!
Angel: Ate Mean has been my neighbour since forever. I would walk to her place after school to get tutored when I was younger. I'm happy she married P. Mark who was the one who baptised me!

Joey Aracama

Theo: Ninong Joey or should i say "fellow"? i always tease him that he is a fellow missionary. He has a big heart for food and for coffee. that is why we get along so well!
Angel: I grew up seeing Tito Joey behind the stage every Sunday. When I played keys or did my testimony, he was always there. And now he works in GCF so I get to talk to him more.

Rebi Manzano

Theo: Tita Reby is a holistic assertive tita. assertive to make sure we stay true under God's leadership and make sure that we are in line with God's calling. she gives clarity in the midst of blurry situations, especially during my seminary days.
Angel: Tita Reby has been my lobbyist and pusher. If it weren't for her reprimanding my parents for being so clingy, I wouldn't have gone to Singapore. She has seen and understood my calling being a missionary herself. She has continued to watch me even now.

Gary Castro

Angel: He is the best Tito ever! Alaskadero and my role model for humour. We love talking about my mom behind her back. I love it when he comes to visit because he makes an effort to meet me and my cousins separately.

Jojie Wong

Theo: Ate Jojie is one of my spiritual mentors in life. I have known her for almost 10 years and every time we have a conversation, I learn a new thing. She pushed me to pray, work and rest harder than ever before. Never a dull moment with this person!
Angel: I've known Ate Jojie since I was in gradeschool working in OMF during the summers. She is my mentor. And the reason I took two years in Singapore. (I was only thinking of one)

Api and Chette King

Theo: I have known Papi and Ate Chette when we were still in our teens. They have been the parental figures of our youth and became our role models for #couplegoals. We love them and cherish them.
Angel: Achitet and Papi, as I fondly call them have been a couple I’ve looked up to since they were our Ate and Kuya in the Youth. They have seen me through the good and bad times. They still do.

Aleks Tan

Theo: Ninong Alex is one of the funniest people that i have met. i love how he brings humor in the midst of (any) situation. i love how he takes initiatives in leading others and in mentoring me. he makes and gives time for those who need time to rest and reflect!
Angel: I love Kuya Aleks' humor! I'm so happy I got to know him better when he started working in GCF. I like all the good changes he has put in place. And I'm happy that he gets to mentor Theo.

Chari Reyes

Theo: Ninang Chari is one of the funniest people i have met. She always lights up the room with her stories about her adventures.
Angel: I feel like when I grow old I'll be like Ninang Chari. She has always been so funny and I like hearing stories from my mom about their crazy escapades when they were young. She has never failed to encourage me and give me gifts.

Erik Dizon

Theo: I first met P. Erik when GCF hired me as the missionary apprentice. He and his wife, Tita Ruth are role models not just in the ministry but how they love and relate with each other. I am part of his mentoring group and it is truly refreshing to be with them.

Ann Vencer

Theo: Ninang Ann is a cool ninang. When we speak, she know right away where we are coming from, as if she can read our minds! she is vibrant and very loving ninang.
Angel: What can I say about Ninang Ann? She is awesome! She gets me and is my mediator when me and my mom fight. I've known her since I was a baby!

Alex Tuason

Theo: I met tito Alex during Angel's family reunions. He is fun to be with because he is a chill but at the same time, adventurous tito!
Angel: Tito Alex is like my coolest Tito in my father's side. I always enjoyed their family's company when they visited. It was memorable being able to stay with them in San Francisco for about 2 weeks in 2009.

Andrea Roldan

Theo: Ate Andrea is one of the reasons why I became a missionary. She was the only person who challenged me to be in the frontline, I cannot forget the place and time: Bite Club, on a Friday at 6PM. I am blessed to be mentored by her as well.
Angel: Ate Andrea is the reason I am going to Japan, she continually mentored me and helped me to grow in the Word. She is my role model.

What say you?

We truly wish we could have all of you present when we tie the knot. There are so many people who have been so kind to us through the years. You know who you are. Please send us your messages of encouragement as we prepare for our life together. We will be so happy to hear from you!

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Getting there

How to get to Blue Gardens

1. Drive along Commonwealth Avenue going to Fairview / Batasan.
2. Make a U-turn at the U-Turn slot after Ever Gotesco (before St. Peter's Cathedral) or before Shopwise Commonwealth.
3. Drive along Commonwealth Avenue, and gradually veer to the right side of the road.
4. Drive past the Don Antonio Heights, Shell, Caltex Gasoline Station, and the JOCFER Building (which houses GCF North).
5. Turn right after JOCFER Building at North Zuzuaregui Road.
6. Drive along North Zuzuaregui till you reach the dead end and turn left at Samonte Street where you will see The Seed Montessori School to your right.
7. Blue Gardens Venue is at the left side of the street situated diagonally from The Seed Montessori School.
* Those coming from Fairview / Batasan need to get on the southbound lane of Commonwealth Avenue. Once on Commonwealth, just follow Steps 4 to 7 above.